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What is an IOL?

ReSTOR Coachella Valley | Desert Eye & Laser An intraocular lens(IOL) is an artificial lens that’s implanted during cataract surgery. Today there are multiple types of IOLs. New technology has been incorporated into premium IOLs which offer additional options.

Standard Monofocal IOLs have one point of focus and can help with distance vision. Most patients will still need to wear glasses for reading and if they have astigmatism, may need bifocals or glasses for distance as well.

Toric IOLs are specially designed to correct astigmatism and help you regain quality distance vision with less dependence on glasses. Most patients will still need to wear glasses for tasks such as reading or working at a computer.

Multifocal IOLs are able to provide vision at both distance and near. They will help reduce dependence on glasses, but will not correct astigmatism.

The correct lens for you will depend on your eyes and your desire to improve your uncorrected vision. No single lens works best for everyone, and only your ophthalmologist can help you determine the most appropriate option.

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